How to Avoid the Marriage Mistakes Made by Women

marriage mistakesMarriage Mistakes Women Make  

Marriage is not just simply making wedding plans and picking out china patterns. It is very complex. The nice and tidy way that things worked on in the planning stage and on paper doesn’t compare to real life. Real life is not so neat and tidy.

Unfortunately, many couples fail to anticipate what will happen once the vows are made. The focus is often on planning the details of their marriage. It will help you immensely to be prepared for what will happen after your wedding and you start your life together. So, be aware of these common mistakes that women make and you will be one step closer to avoiding making them.

Don’t Tell Your Friends about Your Marital Problems

Telling your best friend about your problems may come naturally. She has probably stuck by your side through the years. It may just feel right to use your friend as a sounding board for your marriage troubles. Here’s the problem with that: your friend loves you and is loyal to you. The jury’s still out on the man you married.

If you’re going to her to burden her with everything that goes wrong, she will end up hating your husband on your behalf. Thus, she will never really give him and your marriage a real chance. Over time, can cause enough strain that will in itself cause problems. You may end up cutting ties with your friend because of her antagonism against the man you married. Or, even, she may influence you to separate from your husband.

Don’t Expect Him to Change

There’s an old saying about the different ways men and women view marriage. Men, according to this old saying, find the perfect woman to marry wishing that she will never change. Women, however, go find a guy with a lot of promise and then marry him hoping to change him. Unfortunately for you, men are resistant to change and are often actually hurt when you try to force them on him.

If you seriously want change in your marriage, it’s best to start by making your own positive changes. Then you have a good chance that your spouse will notice and even want to be a part of it. First he has to decide that it is a change for the better, not just for the sake of making a change. It’s a mistake going in at the start expecting him to change. It’s only destined to leave both of you feeling out of sorts and disappointed.

Don’t Forget to Connect with Your Husband

We have a lot of connections in our lives. We spend effort building relationships with our friends, children, even coworkers. People even spend time building connections on social media networks and online message boards. We use our “free time” and feel entitled to make these connections.

Surprisingly, we oftentimes fail in reaching out and connection with the one person who is most important to us. We believe that it somehow is supposed to be automatic and require no active participation in order to keep going. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need to build the bond with shared activities and experiences if we want the bond of marriage to survive the tests of time.

These are common mistakes that can really take a toll and even cost your marriage if you allow them to. Avoid making them and you have a fair chance at having a healthier, happier, and more loving relationship with your husband now and in the years to come.

How Do I Know He Loves Me?

Hpw do I know he loves me

Young girls with fortune tellers made out of paper to listening to Whitney Houston, girls have been asking the same question forever. Ever since love has been an idea in people’s hearts and minds, women have asked the question:” How do I know he loves me?”

Men certainly don’t have the reputation of being open about their feelings. While some men may be  more open than others it may feel like he’s telling you what he thinks you want to hear instead of how he really feels. So, how can you really know if he loves you? These are a few hard to mistake signs.

He Reaches Out to You

We live in a day and age where constant communication is the norm. And, yet, for many women it appears that you the one who is usually reaching out. But, If he is the first one to:

� Text
� Instant Message
� Call
� Instagram
� Send messages on Facebook
� Email

then the odds are pretty good that he does have feelings for you he wishes to explore. Men who don’t care won’t be making the first move. They certainly don’t go out of their way to wake you up with am messages or call you with no other reason than to see how your day is going.

He Deals with Your Friends and Family

Men don’t usually voluntarily put up with uncomfortable scrutiny. The very fact that he’s willing to be be made vulnerable to the public opinion of your friends and family says a lot about where his heart is. When stays around and keeps coming back for more torture, then you really have a keeper on your hands.

He Says He Loves You

The “L” word is just so hard for many men to utter. For some guys, just even trying to say it will make them feel like their tongues have gotten stuck to the roofs of their mouths. You know, the peanut butter dry mouth syndrome. Even when a man feels real love, it is very difficult, almost impossible for him to declare it first. So, if he does say it, chances are, he really does love you. Don’t expect him to make Herculean efforts, in your eyes, to prove it. From his point of view, just saying it was Herculean enough.

At the end of the day, however it’s not how often he tells you I love you. Or what he puts up with to try and show you or even whether or not he makes the first move. The key is whether he makes you feel loved by him. No matter how much sweet talk or gestures he makes will convince you if you don’t feel the love he is professing.

How Successful Can Online Relationships Really Be?

Can online relationships be successful?online dating

You probably know or have heard of someone who met someone online, starting dating, and is now making wedding plans. Or perhaps your friend, relative, or loved one is already married to the person they met online. Maybe you’re thinking about trying it out for yourself, or are already in the process. You may still be somewhat skeptical. Just how serious can the relationship be? Surely there is an epic fail for more than half of the relationships that begin online.



At least according to a recent poll of nearly 20,000 couples. The study, conducted by the National Academy of Science explored approximately 20,000 couples who were married between the years of 2005 and 2012. The study discovered that roughly 35 percent of the couples met their mates on the Internet. Half of that 35 percent met specifically on Internet dating websites.

The most surprising thing the research revealed was not the number of couples that met online or that the number is growing fast. The really surprising statistic is that the couples who met online in general enjoyed greater satisfaction in their marriages as well as a higher success rate. In fact, to compare the divorce rate, eight percent of marriages where the couples met offline ended in divorce while only six percent of the online marriages ended in divorce.

So, do you have to have met on the internet in order to have a successful relationship or marriage? Absolutely not! But, there is a fair consensus as to why these relationships tend to be more successful and longer lasting than offline relationships.

1) It’s relatively easy to sort out who is  looking to settle down and have marriage on their minds once they start sifting through online dating profiles.

2) Couples who meet on the Internet generally have to go through a more vigorous screening process than people who meet in a coffee shop, bookstore, or single’s bar.

3) Of course, the source of prospects is much larger than the average person encounters at the “usual” meeting locations.

Before you give up on traditional meet-ups altogether and hit the Internet for your shot at happily ever after, you should also note the people who met online in gaming environments where they were able to hide their natural personalities behind avatars or play a role, were almost equal in success to those who met in bars and other offline locations.

If you’re currently in a relationship, regardless of where the relationship began, it requires work, love, and a great deal of affection to keep it going and maintain the love. The meeting location has little to do with your commitment to your marriage or your willingness to work through the dry patches that come along. Only you can decide that.

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Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

How to Take Your Relationship To the Next Level

take your relationship to the next level

Perhaps you’ve been dating each other for awhile now and are thinking that you want to take your relationship to the next level. Of course, it needs to be a mutual decision, so check with your partner and see if they are on the same page as you.

Then you need to decide what the next level for the two of you is. You may need to discuss sex, going steady, engagement or marriage. You should be open and honest with your boyfriend or girlfriend about how you feel about sex before marriage. You shouldn’t feel pressured to have sex when you are not yet ready. And yes, people do still hold out for marriage when it comes to sex. It is important to feel you are ready. Respect your partners opinion and neither push them or let them push you into sex if you are not sure you are ready.

You may already be at the point in your relationship where you are ready to make a life long commitment to marriage. The groom will need to see about purchasing an engagement ring and decide how he wants to propose. While it is not that customary to ask the girl’s father for her hand anymore, it may still be something you consider doing. Asking for her dad’s blessing is special and shows that you serious about the relationship and want the parental approval. Your girlfriend will certainly love you for doing that.

So, you both need to decide what your next step in your relationship will be. If one partner is not ready then you should be willing to back off until they are able to consider it awhile and make a decision without pressure. After all, things like this should never be undertaken just to please someone else. You want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be wholeheartedly committed to moving forward, or it could be a disaster.

If you are a girl and are hoping and waiting for a proposal and your boyfriend seems reluctant, what should you do? In this case, you need to do the opposite of what you feel like doing (which is usually pushing him for a decision). This kind of behavior can push your guy away from you. If you feel him pulling away or unwilling to take the next step, I have a video for you to watch.

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how to get your ex boyfriend backSo you’ve decided, “I need some ideas on getting my ex girlfriend back.” It’s not always easy to figure out where to start when you’re trying to get her back and heal a relationship. But the first thing you should probably do is determine whether or not she wants you back.

You probably have a pretty good idea of how she feels about you. If your ex broke up with you, then you know it’s unlikely she is pining for you right now. But you probably have a pretty good sense of whether or not she’s willing to consider getting back together with you.

If you have the feeling that your ex girlfriend is open to the idea, that’s half the battle. It’s much easier to get your ex back with some simple ideas if you know she’s willing to consider getting back together.

It all starts with being the best person you can be. Not just for her, but for you.

Check out these do’s and don’ts:

  • Do – Act polite, caring and thoughtful towards her, even if you don’t feel like it and you’re showing them your very best side. It’s good for you to behave this way and it will raise your self-respect. It will also show her the caring person she fell in love with.
  • Don’t – Resort to threats, name-calling, yelling or other unpleasant behavior. No matter how much your ex might provoke you to do this, either walk away or be as polite as you can. It’s very easy when you’re upset say and do things you’ll regret later, but avoid it.
  • Don’t - Stalk your ex in the hopes of getting her to go back with you. She will run the other way to avoid you.
  • Do – Give her space. If a couple of weeks pass and you don’t see or speak to her, then make contact by asking how she’s doing or if you can do anything for her. Be a friend, and that will spark your ex’s interest if there’s any there at all to spark.
  • Don’t – Try to be someone you’re not. If she wants someone you simply cannot become, then you shouldn’t be together. You have to be true to yourself first.
  • Do – Be true to yourself and be the person that you are when you’re by yourself. Your ex may see that you’re managing without her and that you’re not going to just wallow in grief.

This can help your ex girlfriend respect you more because you’re your own person.

For a great step-by-step plan to win her back for good, Check out this method that has worked for others to get back with their ex here.

why girls leaveYou need to understand why girls leave guys before you can figure out what to do to get your girlfriend back. Most of the time a girl will leave when the guy does something wrong. Guys really have to work at having a successful relationship with a girl

So, the first thing to do is figure out what you did wrong. She might have told you in great detail where you went wrong and listed out all of your faults. Or she might not, some girls need you to show you really care what you did wrong. In any case, find out what why she broke up with you and what went wrong. Only then can you work on making the necessary changes.

If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back and she’s not talking to you, these are the four things you need to consider:

1. Be ready to apologize. I don’t mean just saying I’m sorry I’ll do better kind of apology. A well thought out apology where you admit to your faults and what you did wrong – without casting any blame on her. This should be done in a calm manner and humbly so she can tell you are sincere. This can really work wonders, just remember not to talk about what SHE did wrong – that will ruin your whole attempt.

2. Women need and want lots of attention from their men.
Sometimes it’s easy to let that slide when you get comfortable in your relationship. Attention is vital to every relationship and yours will wither and die without it. It takes effort, but you need to show her you can give her the attention you need to win her back.

3. I shouldn’t even have to say this one – don’t cheat on your girlfriend.
Don’t think it’s ok if she’s cheated on you, it will not help you get her back. It can kill your chances forever. In fact, if you plan on sleeping with other women don’t even try because you don’t deserve to get her back.

4. Prove that you can act differently and care about what is important to her. If you still live with your girlfriend and want to get her back you have an advantage. You can take an active role in the housework and sharing the chores with her. Help out with a good attitude and prove than you can be responsible and that you care about her.

Keep these things in mind when trying to get your ex girfriend back and be willing to work on making changes in yourself. Find out some more great tips that can help you get your girlfriend back by reading our e-letter, Make Up Magic”- Check it out here!

Are you left feeling like things can’t or shouldn’t really be over between you and your boyfriend? The rejection and pain that you feel after a breakup may make it hard to let go. The emotional ties you still feel may leave you asking yourself “does my ex boyfriend still have feelings for me”?

You way want to reconcile and are wondering where you stand with him. Should you contact him or wait and see if he will make the first move? You are probably getting all kinds of conflicting advice from well meaning friends that only make you more confused than ever. It helps to know how guys behave when they are still interested, that’s why I’ve outlined the signs for you to watch for and see if your ex boyfriend still cares.

Signs he has feelings for you:

  1. He initiates contact. If he phones you, texts, emails or stops by this definitely shows he still cares. Usually after a break-up most men feel awkward around their ex and try to avoid her. He may use the “let’s stay friends” card as an excuse to contact you.
  2. He asks your advice. This may not seem that obvious to you, but he was used to consulting you about things and asking you for your opinion and advice. Now he doesn’t have that close tie with anyone and still feels that desire to communicate with you when he needs help or advice.
  3. He brings up the past. When he seems to feel the need to bring up past events and try to explain things it’s an indication that he does have feelings still.
  4. He’s keeping tabs on you. He may ask your friends, just happen to show up where you are, or even talk to you himself. It just seems he has to know what’s going on in your life – he is not ready to let go.
  5. He wants to know if you are dating. When you can tell that he is anxious about this or seems upset when the answer is yes, then you know that he still loves you. Otherwise he would be glad to know that you are moving on.

Hopefully he is showing some of these signs and answers your question “does my ex boyfriend still have feelings for me” positively. While it is exciting to see your boyfriend exhibiting these signs, you will need to follow the right steps if you want to win him back and be careful not to move too quickly. Find out what steps you can take to get him back and have an even better relationship than before.

Save a Relationship

save a relationship

A couple in trouble: Steve has a demanding job and works long hours, which leaves Sarah feeling like he isn’t there for her. In turn, Sarah spends her days with the kids meeting their needs and Steve feels Sarah doesn’t have much time for him or care about his needs. What needs to be done to salvage this relationship? Should their marriage be saved? Check out these steps on how to save a relationship.

  1. Decide if your relationship is worth saving. Both people need to want to make it work. It may take some work to save a marriage, and both partners must want to make it work. You can’t go it alone.
  2. Define your reasons for staying in the relationship. Sometimes people stay because of children or because it’s convenient. That isn’t enough. Both of you have to be committed and believe your marriage is worth fighting for.
  3. Find out what the problems are so you can work on them. It can be easy to focus on the symptoms and overlook the actual problem. For example, if a partner has an affair, then that may be looked upon as what caused a break up. In actuality, the affair indicates a deeper problem, like a lack of intimacy. Staying together without dealing with the intimacy problem is just asking for more trouble.
  4. Once you have determined the real root of your problems then it’s a lot easier to communicate and share your thoughts and feelings. This takes each person opening up and verbalizing their feelings and really listening to their partner as well.
  5. You have to be willing to open yourself up. Getting to the root of things may mean having to hear things from your partner than may hurt you. Or vice versa. This is not the time to become defensive, you both need to keep sight of your goal of trying to improve your marriage.Something as simple as holding your spouse’s hand while you are talking can help you stay connected even when things become emotional.
  6. Next, is to make a plan of action. Figure out what steps you are going to take. Need more time together? Make Saturday night your date night, for example, and have some fun ideas of what you can do together. Maybe you feel like you are missing out on communicating with each other? Plan 15 minutes before bedtime as your time just to sit and talk with each other. And, stick to it. Get the idea?
  7. Lastly, don’t forget that it will be an ongoing process to have a close relationship. Sometimes you will take a step or two back. But if you are working together, you should have more forward steps than backward ones. There will be times when you laugh, and times when you will cry. Be slow to blame your loved one and don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry.

These are key things to remember if you want to know how to save a relationship. Sometimes we all need a little help along the way – and help to get our focus on what brought us together with our partners. It can be easy to lose sight of why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

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My ex wants me back if….signs ex wants you back

You may really want to get your ex back but find yourself wondering  if they are still interested in you. You need to know what the signs are that your ex wants you back. With all the emotions swirling around after a break-up, you may not know if you are right about their feelings or not. So, check out these signs and see for yourself.

1. She says that she wants to be friends – she wants to leave the door open for possibilities.

2. He calls you, just to say hello – he misses talking with you.

3. He is asking your friends about you – he wants to keep tabs on you and wants to know how you are doing without him.

4. She tells you it’s okay for you to call her – she wants to keep the lines of communication open.

5. You find her watching you – she can’t keep her eyes off you.

6. He acts friendly, even nervous when you run into him – he cares about what you think of him.

7. He gives you compliments – shows interest in your look, clothes, etc.

8. She asks you if you are dating anyone – she is wondering if you are still available.

9. He is not dating anyone – shows he’s not ready to get involved with someone else.

10. She will do things to get you to notice them – looking for your attention.

11. He brags about himself – he is seeing if you are still interested in him.

12. He keeps bumping into you – he can’t seem to stay away from you.

These are some of the telltale signs that your ex is still interested. Before you jump into things, spend some time thinking about what caused the breakup and what changes need to be made. You will want to start things off on the right foot and not make the same mistakes as the first time around. Plus, seeing a positive change in you will really help you to convince your ex to give you a second chance!

Don’t blow your chances to get your ex back if you are seeing these signs from them. Get the information you really need to know how to handle things and where to go from here if  you are serious about getting back together – click here!

Have you decided that you really want to get back together after a break up? If you are committed to making it work, it is possible to reunite with your lover. There are some things you should be aware of if you want things to work out the second time around.

When you want to rekindle your relationship, you want to start with your best foot forward. That’s why I’ve tried to show you what 3 mistakes you should avoid.

get back together

1 – Not accepting your relationship had problems

It may seem easier just to push things along when you want to get back together. But not coming to grips with the problems that caused your relationship to break up in the first place is a big mistake. You will be doomed to fail again unless you decide to make some changes to correct things.The changes have to begin with you. You can’t make your boyfriend change but showing him that you are willing to do so will work better than any pleas or demands you could make anyway.

2 – Calling up your ex boyfriend too soon

You need to let things cool down on both sides and think things through. Allow yourself to let your emotions calm down so you can figure out what went wrong. Do not call your ex friend until you can show them that you have been making positive changes and that you have a plan to make your relationship succeed.

3 – Pushing to get back together before the timing is right

If you are in too big a hurry to get back with your boyfriend you may be making too many emotional decisions. After a break-up your emotions are at an all time high and people tend to make a lot of rash decisions that they regret later. A month is a minimum amount of time to let things settle down for both of you emotionally. Letting enough time go by can help you decide if your relationship is worth saving and you really want to be back with your ex.

Start slowly – beginning with a friendship and letting things grow from there is a smart thing to do. Letting things develop naturally without any pressure from you may help smooth the way to getting back together after a break up.It may not be as hard as you imagined it to be.

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